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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 9, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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warning? >> we will be following all of the latest developments as the story continues to unfold we will bring it to you on "hannity". thank you for being with us. have a great night. >> this is a fox news alert. i am geraldo rivera. something politically significant may be happening here. >> it was social injustice in an unpopular war. >> 50 years later the tea party protest sgovtment ex troov begans and waste.
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>> on wall street and increasingly across the country the target is corporate greed the lack of justice and economic injustice. >> critics focus on violence. >> leaving some on the right to brand them anti-american. >> i am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying wall street and the other cities across the country. >> i see people mad at them but this attack upon business and attack upon freedom. that is what this is all about. >> if you don't have a job you are not rich blame yourself. >> herman cain joins us tonight. while right and left disagree on who is to blame but most agree b is legitimate.
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>> our country is doing very poorly. >> it is young spontaneous, it's focused and it's going to be effective. >> wall street banks got billion dollar bail ju-- bailouts. >> it expresses the way american people really feel. you are seeing some of the same folks who added irresponsible trying to fieft forts to crank down on abusive practices we got into in the first place. >> you will see more protests it's a tribute to the absolute failure of obama's policy. somebody elected by the left has them demonstrating arguing against his policy. >> small and local has been beefed up by unions by celebrities and comedians. >> the wall street movement has been a four-week downtown
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manhattan living which has spread to cities all around the country causing the media to move the coverage from blackout to circus. >> it went to the east. >> everybody is outraged how the debate is happening at the state house and capitol hill and washington. that is dictated the 140 percent. >> they had the money and they don't want to distribute it they don't want it to be taxed. they want it for themselves. >> 99 percent of americans who basically fall into the middle class or the lower class who are suffering from unemployment who are suffering from corporate america gouging the middle class. >> what we knead to do is expose people for the evils that are going on right now.
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>> it is not about a political party it's about us. >> beyond frustration and rage. ♪ tonight we are at large with supati park. >> welcome everybody it's a sunny sunday here in this tiny parm not far from ground zero. hundreds maybe thousands of protestors and campers are continuing their month long campaign to bring attention to justice inequity and wall street greed. today they march peacefully the mile or so from here to washington square park near nyu in agagreenwich village. marred is the attempt to block traffic on the brooklyn bridge last week. as the protest gains momentum part of the muscle in that has
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been supplied by organized labor. communications workers of america local 1180. >> what do you have in common? >> we share their values. we want a society that is a democracy. right now we have a corpratocracy. >> you are an organizer with great experience you do it to get better wages and working conditions. >> you can start to raise the consciousness of the american people their countries are being taken away from them it is hon nop liesed by a few rich people who are hoarding all of the wealth in our country and training the wealth out of this country. >> matthew seigel is president
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of our time that's a national nonprofit which shares the goals of the occupy wall street although there's no specific connection with them. they are generally sympathetic. where do they fit in to the left the progressive side of the equati equation? what can they do? where does this go? >> i think it is important to note that there is political parties trying to co-op every single movement. this is a movement as see primarily comprised of young people exercising their voice in a democracy. everything is going wrong in this country that people like ge who out sourced thousands of jobs paid no taxes yet the people here are paying 30, 40, 50 percent of the federal income to taxes. that seems fundamentally. my generation knows we can do better in the technology. as they talk about being --
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bailed out. pz -- pj looks like a phony bologna woodstock reunions great bands topless women, celebrities without the mud. is it casting for nostalgia is it looking back on a more idealistic area. >> one is a message we should go back to the era of bill clinton's banking policies. that's a mainstream belief that appeals to 70 percent. there's another faction sending out a message. you look at the grievances the first three of the five grievances call for ending discrimination against transgender which may be a good idea getting rid of poison foods and saying you can't farm animals and contain them which means we would all have to be vegetarians. if that's the message that comes
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out it looks like a crazy grand bag of left wing and you alienity 99 pets of the people. no positive change from that. >> let me talk to russell simmons here. how are you doing? hi, what are you doing? why are you here? >> i have been coming to this protest since it first started. it is a pretty simple message they are conveying. >> can you mover the flag please for a second? >> simple message. too much money to washington. get the special interests and the corporations out of our government let the people govern. it is a simple message. >> how does that work realistically? >> realistically you get legislation. you get a conservative democrat or john mccain or you get sweeping legislation you keep and all of the issues we are talking about whether it's the big rally over the president's
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complex rallying and supporting and putting people in jail. >> where does it all go? >> we take jobs offshore and that's another way. >> can i jump in here? >> all of these things are a result of undue power that the corporation and special interests have over our government. >> fox business colleague you call this a sham, why? >> the reason i don't pay taxes is because -- >> what do you mean? >> i got a check for $100 million i gave away 10 million in bonuses to my employees and they all pay more tax to me and the reason i didn't is because of all of the opportunity -- >> you could have written an extra check. >> that's a dumb thing. >> why am i going to write a check it's going to support education. >> you have a credit card company. you charge people interest to
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use those cards. isn't that what they are railing about? it's not a free card. how would you make $100 million. >> i am not knocking corporations. i am knocking the game they are playing. i am not knocking the players, i am knocking the game. >> it allows too much access to their politician by too much interests in and too much money. it's really simple. i am happy to pay more taxes i am not going to pay more taxes alone. >> i have to take a break. >> there are a lot of young people who are obvious disenchanted they are afraid of the future. some have legitimate points about debt and things like that but some are off base. >> time no-out we will be right back. quick commercial break we will be right back while more from occupy wall street herman cain will be joining us later in the program. is this the answer to the tea
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a oo they have spread from hear to los angeles, seattle, washington, d.c. they have sprouted up in tennessee and texas, florida, oregon and elsewhere. their three-week old occupation wall street facebook page. their facebook page has 1 -- 150,000 or so friends. they are on twitter youtube and countless social media.
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where does it go from here? will they be more organized or get a specific agenda. will they like tea parties become a part of the political party. we have a wonderful panel to my right to your left president of the communications workers local 180 standing next to him matthew seigel president of our town. next to him the well-known mega millionaire social activist that's russell simmons. next to him tj walker. i am sorry. tj walker, of course our colleague charles pain. charles something awful happened at your house last night a young man died in your backyard of a drug overdose had nothing to do with your family. what does that tell you about some of the desperation that some of these frustrations these young people feel? >> it is absolutely amazing.
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we are watching a movie and all of a sudden me and my family are watching a movie someone bangs on our sliding doors. we look and it's a kid and he looks me right in the eyes. he's 21 years old he says help but i am afraid i don't know what's going on. we call the police they come he died in my backyard. i live on the nicest street in one of the wealthyest counties in america. you live in the same county and this is a white kid 21 years old he dies in my backyard i never met him, were a heroin overdose. i know these kids are afraid i am worried what they want to tear down will tear down their opportunities and not make them better. i think what happened in my backyard which is frightening unbelievable is the microcosm of fear. >> where does it go? can they convert this into political power? >> that's the question. many ways it's less effective
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than the tea party. it started as a political operation as astro turf. i disagree with charles this is real and it is growing all over the world. are they going to channel them ses in a way of legislation to do exchange tax rates or to say no bank bonuses and take backbone newses if your bank needs a bailout. they have to channel themselves for specific legislation and work with political party. >> let me tell you something. i believe that things should be spelled out. i believe in capitalism if you fail you fail. i am not for tarp or bailouts i am for people who are succeeding let them succeed. >> it is simple politicians are going to support the group to invite legislation to get money out of washington. the basis of all of their problems is this business of government is controlled big business. the corporations and specialists
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have run this country they want the power back to the people. that's where every issue whether it's the union be dismandeled if it is healthcare or education or moving jobs ore seas every single person who complains about everything is because corporations are running our government. >> this is simple these people want to be listened to and they want to be heard. we can search for common ground if the political parties don't try to say this is owned by republicans and this is own bide democrats. they watched their homes my generation is in terrible student debt terrible credit card debt. we can't find a job. our expectation has been shattered. that's a tragedy. when charles is saying this is anti capitalist what does supporting the underdog anti capital list. >> i will get you the next
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>> everybody is afraid what's going to happen when congress stops working what do we have? what's the government even there for. >> nobody is super left or right. >> our government spending is out of control. >> it is a crowd that is much more festive than threatening. they come to the county park in lower manhattan. they come to state their
7:23 pm
grievances with generally speaking are against the system. they consider inequitable to many people they call themselves the 99 percenters the movement kind of waffled around, stuck in a place a couple00 -- couple hundred here every day. the representative arthur otis communications workers of america. will you support these people with money and with feet on the ground? >> we have to and we will continue to. it is important this movement be given voice and they will shut their own direction. it's not our job it's their job to do. what's important weal realize why they are here. they are here because social contract has been vobroken with the american people and worldwide. those in power those with the concentrated wealth is very tough. judge lewis said you can have
7:24 pm
concentration of wealth in the hands of a few or have democracy but you can't have both. >> on the other hand matt seigel well-known blogger, the daily what is it? >> i write for the "washington post" and times. but it is an organization of young person americans. >> it talks about the economic inequiti inequities. you have an iphone largely a middle class crowd. a bunch are supported by their parents. isn't there a disconnect? >> i don't think a lot of people are supported by their parents. a lot of people here their parents will be on their payrolls because they lost their pensions and 401 k plans, too. this is not a zero sum game. it's not like one age wins or one age loses. this is an interdependent country. 99 percent of the people have been dealt the short end of the stick. that is why there is a gathering here. it's a peaceful gathering for
7:25 pm
the most part. you can point to i had yo sin tr -- idiosyncratic people. >> it is a peaceful group mostly. a couple odd ones. >> how many people are here because they have exhausted their job search? we cannot dismiss there are any political party or person would be stupid to do so. >> i don't dismiss it at all. >> when you look at protester of history -- when you look at protests through out history they had a specific policy goal when had you a sit in for blacks to eat at lunch room counters we want blacks to be able to eat out of the lunch room counter. this movement has tremendous potential right now too many are confused about what the specific goal is. it has to be narrowed and defined otherwise it's this miss mash that confuses people and allows the right to define it as a bunch of cooks. >> just a second. the tea party is not endorsing a
7:26 pm
specific piece of legislation in congress. they have principles lower taxes. >> becomes a whole right wing of the republican party. >> this movement is not supporting legislation. we want to work we want to serve. >> i have to take a break. coming up herman cain is on the program. stand by. will race play a role in the coming nomination process? [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. >> i am mary ann lafferty. they are liberated in moammar qaddafi. they took control of his home town even if qaddafi remains at large. rebel commanders report having sieged a convention center that had been serving as a base for forces still loyal to qaddafi. 7 people forced to tread water for 20 hours have been rescued the coast guard. they were not wearing life jackets. among those rescued was among a 4-year-old girl. the group was not able to stay together in the choppy seas and some drifted 4 miles from where the boat sank.
7:31 pm
an 80-year-old woman did not survive. aim marianne rafferty now back to geraldo. you are watching the most powerful name in news, pox nefo channel. >> my question is quite simply if i am forced to do this what will i tell those people who's jobs i will have to eliminate. >> add 1 and a half percent to the total cost of doing business. >> the calculation on what the impact would do quite honestly is incorrect. >> welcome back to the county park at the head of wall street now to herman cain who has been come founding democrats since clinton you saw him. is he a serious candidate for the gop nomination? craig with herman cain. >> after winning the florida straw poll herman cain finds
7:32 pm
himself at the front of the pack for the nomination for the republican presidential elections. he is a best selling author of this is herman cain my journey to the white house signing books to a sold out audience here in the city. (cheers) >> we took a ride on the cain train. >> button your lips. >> how are things going for you? >> they are going outstanding. here is why. the recent surge in the polls it came but we didn't expect it to come this pafast and this big. the other encouraging thing is we see all of the signs that this surge is going to last. >> as rick perry faltered and mike huckabee chris christie and sarah palin dropped out cain exploded on to the scene as a top commender. >> he is not the typical gop he is good on economics that's what
7:33 pm
we need. >> he's the next president of the united states. he's a common sense guy and i think he will be fantastic. >> the theme that resinated with the american people i am talking about not only solutions to problems but i am also talking about how i would go about solving problems. i don't have all of the answers. >> how did you know in your heart you would be an able candidate you would be a person that would come to see as they have today? >> every time i have made a career change in my career i have had to do a lot of praying and a lot of soul searching. this was no different. >> the billionaire businessman form -- millionaire businessman the ceo shoot through the ranges of coca-cola burger king and pillsbury. he bought subsidiary godfather pizza after taking it from the brink of bankruptcy. >> i have cleaned the restaurant. i have swept the parking lot. i have managed the small
7:34 pm
business. i have managed a collection of businesses. i have been a hands on executive all my life. >> they call me racist, too, because i disagree with the president who happens to be black. >> you said you are president obama's worst nightmare. is that because you are conservative and you are african american? >> i am president obama's worst nightmare because i am conservative and he is staunchly liberal. i came from a main street background. >> cain served on the board of nabisco the national restaurant association and was appointed in 95 as chairman of the federal reserve bank of kansas city. on a personal note he survived stage 4 colon and liver cancer. >> i have described myself all along as a problem solver. that's what business people do and those are the skills i would bring to the office of the president. >> what about the black vote? >> mr. cain says it's not about color it's about your ideas and
7:35 pm
solutions which he says he has. >> he says he has the solutions, maybe he does. i don't know. >> how do you turn around the black vote the majority of whom voted for president obama? >> i am not going to be able to convince all of the black voters to vote for herman cain. the good news is i will be able to convince a large number of them to vote for herman cain. >> his proposal to three out the current tax code and pass a 9 percent business flat tax 9 percent personal income tax and 9 percent national sales tax has resinated across economic lines. >> they say i like your solutions. i really like your 999 plan. when you get right down to it, the one thing that transcends every ethnic group is what are we going to do about this economy. once you have a solution as my good friend jack kemp used to say a rise in tihaied lifts all
7:36 pm
votes. >> kids are protesting wall street. do you belief they are unamerican? >> i don't believe they are unamerican but i believe they are anti capitalism. secondly wall street isn't where they ought to be froesing. wall street didn't spend a trillion dollars to try to spend this nation to prosperity. all of that was done by this administration. >> a lot of people are asking herman cain why aren't you in iowa? why aren't you in new hampshire? why are you here selling books? >> i have been to iowa 24 times since the beginning of the year. it's not like we don't have a presence frin iowa. but in order to get my main idea i felt as if i needed to also help promote the book because this book answers the questions that a lot of people are asking. who is herman cain? >> who is herman cain. my question for you craig is as you join me here at the county
7:37 pm
park in lower manhattan does he feel the buzz of a reel contender? >> he has the buzz. you look at the crowds in pentagon city they came out in droves to see him. they are passionate and really believe in him. look how the recognition factor has gone up. it was 23 percent now it's up to 55 percent. people identify with them they identify with his message. they are tired of hearing the old negative campaign and he has solutions they say. >> see how he plays. maybe we will get the second spot. who knows maybe he gets the nomination. my next guests embarked on an 18 city bus tour. the highlights poverty in america it will air on friday night and run all next week on public television. two of our nation's great thinkers the makers of tavis smiley and cornell west join us my friends. are you guys among the black -- the brain kaushed black
7:38 pm
democrats that herman cain spoke about? >> i was laughing while that segment was running thinking what is this? the black hour. the only black guys can talk about the black candidates on the gop tickets. i respect geraldo's entrepreneurial genius. he is a cancer survivor. there's more things he has done as americans i can celebrate. any one who suggests black folks have been brain washed doesn't deserve my time on national television responding to that. it is an insult. how do you think he can pick up any slack with the black vote by insulting them and telling them they have been duped and brain washed hoodwinked led a muck and led as stray. that is not a strategy for picking up a black vote. >> he claims he will get a third of the african vote. what say you? >> no. i think he's dreaming. i think he's dreaming.
7:39 pm
i think black people with critical intelligence we have there's no such thing as a monolithic black vote. black people have a history of being highly suspicious of people like brother herman cain who has a coldness and callousness toward poor people. he has been blaming jobless people themselves rather than understanding the context he is blaming for people himself. that means he reflects on the coldness they petend to bring i up and rightly so, my brother. >> what do you think about this crowd behind me? what do you think of the wall street protest? you think it's college kids sophomoric idealistic who long for the days of grandfathers grandmothers hippies flower power and woodstock? >> not at all. i am blessed to be part of the movement. we both together occupy los
7:40 pm
angeles. they are representing the best of america concerned about wealth and equality and concern about the homeowners. relief. this is exactly what made america free and democratic. my heart and soul is very much with the kind of issues they are talking about that one percent another 40 percent of the wealth and 99 percent who have been catching help. but shouldn't they be looking for jobs and getting ready to vote in the up coming election? what's this going to do the demonstration really? >> i don't think it's either or. i am going to celebrate you being hasn't there. you have been on the front lines that americans want to look away from. it's the beginning of your career so i am glad you are there it's not either or. the jobs aren't there to be found. i know these persons are going to vote. you can't spend this time raising these kinds of issues
7:41 pm
and not see yourself as a part of the electoral process. i don't think they are not going to do that. i think right now the timing is necessary for us to raise these issues about poverty about joblessness on the american agenda. i think in the coming days if the protests continue not just continue but expand the powers that be in washington are going to have to start asking some serious questions about what the demands are of these protestors. conversation will have to start. can't go on and on the without these questions answered. >> more on herman cain on race and on wall street. then it's the tale of pretty women who beat the wrap. casey anthony and amanda knox. o really save you 15% or more
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possible side effects include headache, diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. let your doctor do his job, and you do yours. ask if nexium is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> the evette to cane's success branding and charm. >> there's ice milk and hog endays black walter. >> it is not a flavor of the week. >> you will see black walnut moving up the charts. >> it's not a flavor of the week. >> i am the black walnut. >> you are looking at the crowd. this is sunday afternoon in new
7:46 pm
york city there will are many hundreds i would say into the low thousands here in the park. we are talking with dr. parnell west and tavis smiley. you heard john stewart now i think the same guys who were here in madison, wisconsin are here. this is a point aside from the vitriol is it the point where this goes from here? how do you make it into a real weeks. >> this conversation already these protests i should say have gotten the attention of the mainstream media. you are there covering it live. every news outlet the new york times they have succeeded already in getting this conversation raised hire on the
7:47 pm
agenda. this tour we took this summer the reformists featuring next week on pbs the poverty is all about this issue. try to get these matters these concerns of everyday americans raised high. to answer your question they have already succeeded by getting us to focus on the fact that there are no jobs poverty is increasing wall street keeps getting away ne a billion doll tlars th -- billion dollars they won't reinvest into the economy. pro at thors have already succeeded to a large degree. >> when you look at this crowd is this the base of the 99 percent or is this in a way a one-percent of a different strike? >> i think you see a lot of
7:48 pm
variety of colors sexes and am sexual orientation. it's an all embracing movement but it focuses on the corporate greed and focuses on the fact we don't have enough people who are working people and are willing to make them a priority beginning with the children. 42 percent of the children in our color that is moral outrage in the street and up here. america has to come to terms with that. it's not just a matter of democrats or republicans. we would agree it is much bert than they changed but the two parties themselves are under going decay. social movement impacting electro political systems but they are not the same thing. >> i have 30 seconds charles.
7:49 pm
you heard our friends dr. west and tavis give the pro gristive point of view. why would an african american person be a republican? >> if you wan the country to do well the politics should be over. voted for democrats for 60 years you can say they are brain washed whatever you want to say. but the plight in life hasn't changed dramatically over the last 50 or 60 years. >> got to go. thank you good luck with your tour on pbs beginning on monday night. amanda knox and casey anthony next. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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7:53 pm
>> they have to do a sitcom together. she is a party girl who may have gotten away with murder and so is she. tune in tuesday for reasonable doubt. >> one return home to tears and fan fair the other remains in hiding and in fear of her life. when both were accused of brutal crimes why is one a sympathetic victim and the other a wretched killer in the minds of most americans? >> a to the charge of first degree murder the verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> the defendant of the charges a, w, c and d. >> casey and amanda accused of hideous crimes but against the odds both acquitted. >> different public reaction. >> you suck. >> we hate you.
7:54 pm
>> murderer. >> casey, america's most hated women. >> god help the man who wants to marry her there's no place she can go where she will be safe. her family is not going to welcome her back into their home any time soon. >> scorned at first but made more sympathetic the innocent american abroad wrongly accused at least to most. >> there is a miscarriage of justice. i believe her original statement to bliss thpolice that she was the home when they are roommate was murdered was true. i never believed she wilted herself but animosity erupted along with drugs and alcohol and the death occurred. >> by audience measurements both women are fascinating to millions. >> caught up in a world of drugs, sex and murder accusations, amanda knox foxy knoxy as they call her. >> she is in florida she is in
7:55 pm
california. >> tonight will be the first night in four years that amanda knox is watching. >> perversely celebrities for all of the wrong reasons. >> like the fictional man killers vilma and roxy in chicago, casey and dmaun eeiama. web sites devoted to loving or hating. they had a brass too run a poll. amanda far out polling casey 5-1. after endless hours of exposure we feel we know their souls part of their weird appeal? they don't look evil. each so young at the time of her ladies and gentlemened crime. casey barely 22. amanda just 20. there was nothing child like about their alleged crime until reversed amanda convicted of slitting the float throat of her innocent roommate during a drug
7:56 pm
crazed sex game. they attacked her character suggesting her promiscuous lifestyle make up for their lack of evidence. despite widespread rage the case against casey was just as thin no dna no witnesses no cause of death, yet almost everyone convinced casey guilty. >> she killed that baby through her away like she was trash. she is a murderer and deserves the death penalty. she can walk out of these steps right now and say i did it and we could do nothing about it. she is a murderer. only thing we can do is wait for god's judgment he's going to toss her in the malake of fire. she is going to get hers at the end. >> is this anger also born of the character evidence. her sluty behavior after her child died here she is dancing on her child's grave. both amanda and casey are intentionally invisible for now. agents and attorneys keeping them down low.
7:57 pm
books will be written. amanda will be redeemed. casey will not. >> before i say good night i want to end with a couple of statements here about what is happening in zuccotti park. the crowd is easy to mock. they are disorganized. they look funny. some like the person putting the paper in front of the lens are aggressive but they have a real legitimate complaint deep down it is a message that i think will resinate eventually. people listen up. thank you for being with us. good night. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. an stimulant xati, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna... but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk.
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